Milton Keynes Sports Injury Clinic

Milton Keynes is home to many semi professional football, rugby and ice hockey teams as well as the Dons. Thankfully most of the population is more active than the famous concrete cows and when they're out injured there are many sports injury specialists that can help.

Wherever is injured be it your leg, back, shoulder etc all can be treated or diagnosed by the many professionals listed on Sports Injury Fix from chiropractors through to physios and more. Whether it's a pre race race sports massage to loosen up or gait analysis to tackle a niggle then everything can be found in the Milton Keynes area on Sports Injury Fix. 

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Services In Milton Keynes

Ossio Chiropractic

we specialise in finding the problem.. as a species we should be able to run, jump, swim & climb without compromise, however, when our bodies fail injuries occur and that’s where we step in, our expertise is finding what it is that’s causing your muscles to fail you thereby leading to poor performance or injury.

LMS Therapy

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LMS Therapy offers therapeutic restorative massage for all individuals to aid in the reduction of pain. With a specialisation in Women’s Wellness supporting women through Pregnancy and Post Natal Restoration. Scar Therapy

Physiotherapy And Fitness

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A private MSK physiotherapy business offering a range of face-to-face and online services.

Corrective Chiropractic

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Corrective Chiropractic is a clinic that focuses on corrections of spinal alignment issues. Our aim is to bring the spinal column back toward a more neutral position whilst increasing spinal mobility. This will commonly give longer term relief for spinal complaints such as low back pain, neck pain, muscle tension and sciatica as well as many other spinal and joint related problems. With our state of the art clinic our initial examination includes: A Full Structural Exam (3-D Spinal Analysis, Digital Structural Photos) Digital Structural X-rays (when clinically indicated). Chiropractic Testing of spinal Joints. Orthopedic and Neurological Testing Corrective Chiropractic will combine information gained from your questionnaire, previous history, examination findings and then meet you again to discuss these findings to create a treatment plan for you. The plan will highlight what we aim to achieve in partnership with you and targets will be set.