Fulfil your potential.

Supercharge your personal and professional growth

with access to the right help when you need it


Are you looking for answers to such questions as.....

  • How do I grow my business?
  • What CPD should I do?
  • How do I help this difficult client?
  • How do I achieve a better work life balance?
  • I'm feeling a bit lost and/or overwhelmed. How do I get some focus?

Sound familiar?

Advice from forums and colleagues are great up to a point, a bit like when patients have got injury advice that way.

It sometimes works but with patients do you normally recommend they see someone with the relevant experience to get the best possible results?

Tailored, timely and informed coaching or mentoring can be invaluable. Particularly when it is backed up with a pool of experts to ensure you get the right help at the right time.

We've helped hundreds of therapists in similar situations get solutions and achieve their goals.



Help tailored to your individual needs that grows with you. Be supported by a team of experienced trusted advisors.

Examples of situations we can help with include:

What's the best way for me to get new clients?

Get help ensuring your efforts are focussed on the most effective things so you can grow and develop at the pace you want. This could be linked to marketing, getting help with social media etc.

What CPD should I do?

There's so much out there how what is best for you and how do you prioritise? We'll help you gain clarity and comfort through making the choices easier.

How do I help tricky clients?

We all have clients we struggle with. Having access to expert guidance is often the difference between success and failure.

Setting and achieving goals

If you fail to plan you're planning to fail but get help to focus on what's most important to prioritise your time effectively and maximise your chances of success.

We'll hold you accountable to ensure things get done too.

How do I grow my business?

Growing a business is hard. Give yourself the best possible opportunity with access and advice from those that know how.

We'll support you as much or as little is required along with a gentle nudge or two to help you if appropriate.

What should I do next?

If you're starting out, have hit a crossroads or are feeling disillusioned then access to the right support and guidance can be the difference of succeeding or not.



"I must commend the team at SIF. For example Malcolm is an absolute brilliant mind with business and advice, and Mike has a wealth of knowledge to help and guide you."


Brendan McGuiness

Synergist Movement Therapy


First, we listen.

We’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your situation and needs. Here we’ll ensure we understand what makes you unique, help define your key challenges and create a plan of action.

Then, we help.

We'll match you to the most appropriate coach / mentor to help achieve your first goals. We'll work hard, challenge you and hold you accountable for actions.

If you embrace this you'll have access to the full support of our extended network and the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve.


Our two primary coaches & mentors are Malcolm and Mike. Both highly experienced, combining a love of helping people learn and develop, with an incredible network of experts to help you. Two such experts are Paula Clayton and Dave James with experience few can match.

Malcolm Sloan

Malcolm Sloan

Director SIF Health and

SIF Health and Sports Injury Fix Founder and CEO Malcolm is a former management consultant, whose personal history of dealing with sports related injury inspired him to provide a solution to the frustrations facing therapists and clients. Malcolm founded the company in 2016 and has become a familiar figure in the industry providing talks and webinars.

He has the practical experience of seeing and helping thousands of therapists, health and exercise professionals learn and succeed in addition to many years coaching and mentoring experience.

Mike James

Mike James

Director, SIF Health, The Endurance Physio and

Mike James is a former Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Rehabilitator. Widely Known as “The Endurance Physio” he has over 20 years’ experience as a therapist working in the military, occupational health, private healthcare, NHS and elite sports arenas. Mike holds an MSc in Physiotherapy as well as Degrees in Sports Science and Sports Rehabilitation.

An experienced coach and mentor as well, Mike has a wealth of experience to offer to all therapists, health & exercise professionals.

Paula Clayton
Dave James

Paula Clayton

Director, STT4Performance. Physiotherapist

Paula is an advanced clinical specialist physiotherapist within a private hospital and in private practice. She has been specialising in sports injuries for over 20 years, with an elite sporting background in Premiership and Championship football, The English Institute of Sport and British Athletics.  Paula has been involved in three Olympic Games including London 2012, multiple World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Paula has also been working within the medical team for Help4Heros/Invictus as well as providing continual help and guidance to other therapists.

Dave James

Coach, mentor and podiatrist.

Dave is a coach, mentor and podiatrist who works with healthcare leaders with a vision. 

A long term friend of SIF Dave has produced a number of high quality blogs for us to help SIF members already.

Having run a successful podiatry practice and selling it in 2018, he now helps business owners to market their practices, get new clients and show off their unique personalities.

He also loves showing people how to use video and feels very uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person.

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free. It's a chance to see if you feel comfortable working with us and if we feel we are best placed to help you.


Book a free consultation call and if we agree to work with each other we can tailor a package that best fits you. For reference some example packages are below.

What's included in all plans:

  • Extended initial fact finding and planning session.
  • Goal setting and progress checking.
  • Membership to - access to hours of high quality bite sized clinical and business learning
  • Free access to Therapist Learning webinars and group sessions.
  • A primary coach/mentor supported by experts as you need them.
  • Accountability - This is not something we take lightly, we will work hard and hold you to account
  • Confidentiality - All discussions will be private unless agreement from both parties
  • Commitment to success - We cannot guarantee results but are committed to help you achieve your goals
  • No contract and an ability to cancel at any time.


Feel like you have reasonable idea of what you need to do?

Looking for that periodic sounding board and/or someone to hold you to account?

£77* per month

Stepping Stone

Looking for regular sustained progress with time to action tasks in-between?

Includes access to all CPD events run by Therapist Learning or SIF.

£149* per month

Trusted Advisor

For if you want more frequent sessions (weekly) and the ability to have trusted advisors you can call to assist with any decision making.

Includes all aspects of the other plans too.

£449* a month


* All prices shown exclude VAT

Just group coaching?

If working with others in a group setting works better for you we have group sessions via our learning platform Therapist Learning. These are included within our 1-2-1 plans but are available separately. After a quick chat we'll both know if this the right option for you.



If you've read this far and not booked a call then there is clearly something that has piqued your interest or playing on your mind? Within 5-10 minutes we'll both know whether this is worth pursuing or we'll recommend alternatives.